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Influenced by a combination of Japanese brush art (sumi-e), Hebrew, Latin and Arabic calligraphy, and modern watercolor painting, my primary focuses lie on nature, wildlife and spirituality, flavored with Middle Eastern culture.

You are welcome to browse through my website and experience the magical energy of Israel, through a series of creative pieces that explore the country's evolution from its very roots, in biblical times, to the modern, developed country it has become. 


During the past three and a half millennia, much here has changed. However, much remains unchanged - the mystical energy of the Negev Desert, the atmospheric beauty of Jerusalem and the blazing heat that seemingly kindles an inner fire - Israel will always be Israel.

It is inspiring to see government-run programs that are aimed at restoring the country's wildlife to that of biblical times. Animals that were extinct in the region, such as the Persian fallow deer, the wild ass and the Arabian oryx, have been sourced in recent years and brought home. Israel, while continuously evolving, is simultaneously returning to its roots. I aim to document the many elements of this process through visual art. 


Watercolor on 300gm paper

16 x 20 inches

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